Depression – Top 5 Myths

There are several myths which people tend to relate with depression. Myths are likely to misguide individuals which can affect their treatment process. Let’s take a look at some of the major myths:

Depression indicates that an Individual is Foolish –

Depression is for sure a mental illness but it doesn’t indicate that the person is foolish. It’s among the most prevalent myths which stemmed up from tales among upper class. Such type of negative feeling visibly shows that a specific concern is disturbing your life and emotional stability in a negative way.

Depression is one type of Medical Illness –

In accordance with our knowledge, it’s not a medical illness but rather a state of mind of an individual. It’s a complex disorder which impacts the mental strength of an individual. The only solution to get over depression is proper counseling. Since it’s not an illness, there’s no point for any sort of medication.

It’s a kind of Acute Sadness/Grief-

Several may often think that depression is simply a special kind of grief or sadness which a person experiences. This is one myth which needs to be broken immediately. Individuals have the strength to overcome sadness or grief simply by giving it a little period. However, when they are suffering from depression, there is very little scope for them to overcome it with time.

Women, Losers & the Elder Generation Experience it –

It’s not right to group depression towards a particular generation or gender. Such type of emotional collapse may happen to anyone who faces any kind of crisis. Persons from all age-groups and from all walks of life at some point of their life fight with such problem.

The only solution to such problem are Anti-depressants-

Anti-depressants can be very harmful for your health. Also, they’ve plenty of side-effects. One of the biggest ones is the dependence upon popping pills instead of fighting with the situation. Often people go with such solution but consuming such type of pills is never suggested. It’s crucial that you take the help of a right counselor.

These are few of the most common and most popular myths. Nevertheless, all these myths may have a negative impression on the individual who is suffering from depression. Hence, it’s best if you are able to break free from such myths. If you believe on such myths, then it will get tough for them to face the situation.


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